This ongoing series of music videos features visuals tied to intentionally incomplete tracks with the goal of pushing ideas to a consumable state quickly. If not for this approach, the extended time and energy necessary to perfect a final work would often lead to it not seeing the light of day.

Please take a moment to communicate what you do and don’t like so that they might be iterated upon and prioritized toward the creation of a more complete work.


This is just a quick one. A bit ominous given the footage, but it’s what I managed given a tight deadline– sneaking it just ahead of my deadline on Feb 29. I’ll do better next time!

Intelligence | Malevolence

Third in a series, and the first of the year, this January 2020 release release is entitled, “Intelligence | Malevolence” and naturally features original music by the Blade and the Bullet.

Simulated Forest

Second in a series. The December 2019 release is entitled, “Simulated Forest” and features original music by the Blade and the Bullet which includes a brief vocal sample from the show “True Detective”.

Get Out The Way

First in a series. This initial piece features some original beats to the image of Kirk (a Boxer/Beagle) just doing his thing. Includes manipulated vocal sample from “Beginning of the End” by Nine Inch Nails.